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Helmholtz is preoccupied with the thought that his writing talent could be better used than simply for writing hypnopaedic phrases. Bernard becomes nervous, jumping up at one point because he thinks, wrongly, that someone is listening at the door.After a game of Obstacle Golf, Henry and Lenina fly in a helicopter over a crematorium where phosphorous is collected from burning bodies for fertilizer.He likens the narrow channeling of emotion and desire to water under pressure in a pipe. However, many small holes produce calm streams of water.

The date of the introduction of the Model T was chosen as the start of the new era, and all crosses had their tops cut off to make them into Ts.Helmholtz is an extremely intelligent, attractive, and properly sized Alpha Plus who works in propaganda.Some of Helmholtz’s superiors think he is a little too smart for his own good.The students are overwhelmed by meeting Mond, the Resident Controller for Western Europe, and one of only ten World Controllers.Mond quotes Ford, saying, “History is bunk” (an actual quote from the real-life Henry Ford) in order to explain why the students have not learned any of the history that the Director explains to them. He has heard rumors that Mond keeps forbidden books, such as Bibles and poetry collections, locked in a safe.

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  1. His looks and body are definitely outstanding than the others. And i like the way he potrayed the pure journalist in Healer. Yah, just saw him in Star's Lover, he's really good there, he's got good chemistry w/ Choi Ji Woo. (감사합니다.) ^_^ yoo ji_tae,you did well in Celebrity Sweetheart,,good chemistry with choi ji woo.a really sweet kisses..enveous...