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When I was migrating to Office 365, I was given various DNS settings to configure in my control panel. For some reason on Monday morning, email started going to Google Apps again. If there is a second MX record, even with a higher priority, mail may be delivered to that location if the primary becomes unreachable.

I deleted the old MX records (Google Apps) and added the new ones (Office365) last Friday at ~2pm.The only time I've seen this type of issue is when a transfer from one registrar to another did not go smoothly. I'll have to keep an eye on things today and tomorrow.I've arranged for the Google accounts to forward email to the Office365 accounts so the users don't notice the difference.I've changed MX records like this more times than I care to remember and I've never seen an issue like this where the MX records magically revert back two days later. DNS changes at Godaddy take a long time to propegate across Godaddy's servers. If you have a very high TTL other DNS servers that have cached your records will not update untill the TTL expires. None of this helps you now, only patience can help at this point.Did you add all the DNS entries that you were given from MS deployement to your DNS configuration in Godaddy? Regards Join us on December 13th for a webinar to learn how medical providers can defend against malware with a cyber security "Rx" that supports a healthy technology adoption plan for every healthcare organization. scraby: Unfortunately this is not an issue with a different domain. frankmcc: The odd thing about this is that email delivered fine over the weekend. Everything delivered to Office365 and nothing to Google.

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During this same period of time, the user received email to Office365 as well.

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