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In the 1950s a film, The Wild Ones, starring Marlon Brando, branded motorcycles as weapons of counter-cultural elements; gangs, to be specific.

This non-traditional trend continued in the 1960s, with a book by Robert Pirsig called Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, which nevertheless captured the interest of many industrial designers with its message of product excellence and quality.

The company was purchased by RCA in 1929, and they acquired rights to the trademark which was used extensively until 1968.

But because of its popular appeal, RCA, now Thomson Electronics, re-introduced it in 1990, adding a smaller canine companion, "Chipper", representing the company's semiconductor-based future in electronics.

The 1905 iron with the "hot point" became the first commercially successful electric laundry iron, and was formally named the Hotpoint iron in 1907.

The new president of General Motors in 1910 became Charles W. He retired in 1916, and purchased the Jeffery Motor Company from Thomas B. Du Pont de Nemours Company, which sent Pierre Du Pont to manage GM.

Jeffery, who had founded the company in 1879 to make Rambler bicycles, and had introduced the first Rambler car in 1902. After the War in 1918, General Motors suffered a severe financial decline. He bought Chevrolet Motor Co., whose major investor, William C.

Before that, one had to hand-crank the phone to provide enough power for a call. He introduced a tabletop dial model in 1901, which was cleaner in design than the Bell model. Durant founded General Motors in 1908 as a holding company to buy out various car manufacturers, including Cadillac (in 1909), Oldsmobile and Oakland (later called Pontiac).

A connection could still only be made by giving the name of the person to be reached to a telephone operator. In 1902, he introduced a wall telephone with a dial disk, this time with actual finger holes, but still only 170 degrees around the disk. car was priced at 0, and 425 were built the first year. Ford demanded million, and Durant declined to buy.

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