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During Workflow Simulation, the following error was encountered:"The value entered in field does not match any value in the bounded picklist."When the Bus Object was removed from the workflow process, the simulation of the workflow completed successfully.When a Business Object is specified for a Workflow Process, the workflow process always tries to validate the Object Id value is one which comes from the Primary Business Component of the Business Object used in the workflow.Currently, there is no check to prevent this, so simulating a long running flow may result in unpredictable behavior (such as a hang if it hits a wait step or any other step that requires a server type configuration).A suggestion for testing flows with wait steps is to deploy, activate and then test by running as component request/job.

I right-click the process and choose to validate...everything validates OK. When I click the "Start" button the run-time instance of my Siebel client starts up and connects to the server.

To determine the next step, it has to find either an unconditional transition branch or a decision branch that has a satisfied condition.

Check the outgoing branches from the last step to make sure there is a default branch or at least one decision branch that will satisfy the condition.

Error Message Area: Business Processes/Workflow - BPRVersion: Siebel 7.7This document is intended to provide cause and corrective action information about Siebel Error Message SBL-BPR-00176: The workflow engine cannot determine a next step while executing process definition '%1'. This document is informational and intended for any user.

The workflow engine returns this error when it fails to determine the next step after the last step specified in the message text.

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